Friday, December 20, 2013

Oriental Chef in Warwick

I lost my password for a while, but found this entry. So for the sake of the address here it is! I can't remember what the food was like!!

Oriental Chef
8 West Street
CV34 6AN

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

China Garden in Baldock

We're in the middle of our seasonal work, most of which means we can eat at home or hit Ming Kee in Warwick. But tonight we've travelled over to Baldock for an extra special performance. This means that I ordered the food in full victorian costume. Did I get funny looks? Probably not as funny as in medieval hat, but funny looks none the less! So the usual was ordered. The result? A usual 8/10. 

China Garden
2 High Street

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ming Garden in Newport

After a really, really early start on the Saturday morning and playing Christmas carols all day we were starving. We've been on the road for a couple of weeks now and we thought it was about time to go out and have a meal together. Our B&B was on a farm in the middle of no-where so we drove on down and into Newport and into the first chinese. Sweet and sour chicken Hong Kong style with rice. Chicken with ginger and pineapple. It was delicious! Maybe it was because we were in a restaurant or that we were hungry. But the food was delicious! It was expensive, but it always is when you sit in. The chairs were quite low and had a comedy moment of plonking further down than expected. So the score? 8/10. Only 8 because the food should have been wonderful and it was. Yum. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Avenue in Southampton

We're down in Southampton on our way from Salford down to the Isle of Wight. We were quite starving after our long drive. Tonight we had the luxury of ordering the food and taking it back up to our hotel room nearby. So we ate with proper seats and a table. I don't think this made the food taste better but it was very tastey indeed. Overall we gave a very respectible 8/10. 

The Avenue Chinese Take-Away

67 The Avenue
SouthamptonSO17 1XS

023 8033 6340

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Aroma in Chadwell Heath

It's the start of te Christmas season and we're out on the road for most of the month. Probably not too many entries as we'll be touring from the same place. We're starting our months extravaganza in Chadwell Heath in sunny old Romford. init man. ;)
The traffic was appalling, but it is essentially London. We took a little shortcut off the A12, but had to wait for cars to shuffle around and reverse backwards, vans to bail out over the grass verge and back to the dual carriageway before sitting in the queue again. All good fun though and reminds us why we live in the country. The usual was ordered, two house special fried rice, which didn't contain soy anyway. The takeaway is also a restaurant, with benches and tables. It looks like being a place where people congregate after the pubs kick out. People sitting and eating give me good hope of the food, but I am starving as I sit writing this!
A quick walk back to the car, parked in the pub, opened the huuge containers and tucked in.... Silence in the car.... Munch.... Munch... Munch. 
An amazing 10/10!!! Worth playing this club just for the food! Next time we play here or anywhere near here we'll be back!

62 High Road
Chadwell Heath

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hot Food Chinese Takeaway in Okehampton

We're in the middle of our little tour in the south west and in the midst of the pouring rain and wind we found the Chinese. We were starving and full of hope and anticipation. We were a bit disappointed. The rice was gloopy and salty the sauce was gloopy and had to be left. In all we ate as much as we could and then awarded a sorry 5/10. We went back the following day too as it was convenient but it was as sorry as the first time. :( The name of the takeaway was quite accurate though: Hot Food. 

28 West Street

Sunday, October 20, 2013

House Wong in Exeter

We're down south in Exeter. :) Having slain some trolls last night in Cranbourne we're doing the same in Exeter this evening. We're on tour for two weeks so should be able to sample a good few takeaways on our journey. Jeung Fried Rice this evening with the usual no soya in one and sweet and sour sauce in the other. We were both feeling rather peckish having only had carrots and humus with coffee for lunch. Our expectations were high...
The sauce was delicious, exactly as sweet and sour sauce should be. The rice was lovely, the peas great and the forks perfect. Our third member turned up and had his usual King Prawn Rice.  The other two gave 8/10 and I wavered over 9/10 but settled on 8/10.
Sitting outside Exeter railway station was a fun busy place to sit and eat. The whole of human life seemed to pass by. A big preponderance of students, infact mostly students and us. 
<remembers the good old student days>
Ah well time to go and do a gig. 

House Wong
100 Bonhay Road

Friday, October 11, 2013

Ming Kee in Warwick

We're in Warwick ready to play for a ceilidh. Not the usual duo or even trio gig today. We've been to this takeaway many, many times and I can't believe I've never blogged it! Maybe it's because usually I'm togged up in my medieval costume complete with cloak and Robin Hood hat. (They do have a proper name, but I've forgotten it!) So we know we're probably going to give it 8/10. But maybe we'll go higher this time. It was strange ordering the usual meal, but without the usual raised eyebrow at my unusual garb. The food came quickly and was exactly as we expected. Two special fried rice, one made without soya, sweet and sour sauce, two forks and a receipt. No surprises at the food and the score given an unsurprising 8/10. We'll be back again probably next month.

Ming Kee
26 St John's
CV34 4NE

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lucky Boat in Calne

The three of us are on the road for the weekend. So it was off to the nearest takeaway to Compton Basset, which is Calne. We had plenty to choose from and went to the first chinese that was open at 5pm, which also has the least letters attached to its signage ever!! The usual was ordered. It was quite tastey, N wolfed the lot down, the other half was pretty similar. I thought it was quite nice. Tastey chicken, pork, peas. The forks were quite solid, solid enough not to break and pingy enough to ping food by accident.  The sauce at first glance appeared to be excellent but in reality was a bit gloopy. The sauce was disappointedly put to one side. So the verdict was 7/10, only let down by the consistency of the sauce. It was a lovely evening meal and even eaten away from the confines of the car, but not out of sight, just for safety. Another blog soon. 

Lucky Boat
9 Wood Street
SN11 0BZ

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Beijing in Eastbourne

Back on the road. October should be pretty busy with Rice on the Road updates. The satnav took us the most direct route here, so slightly frazzled with working on the computer and driving wiggly roads. We found an open Chinese and made the usual order. The sea front was just about visible from the doorway, but we resisted the temptation to go and take a dip. It's sometimes hard to take a subtle photo and the two gentlemen sitting outside he next shop rendered this one not possible. The verdict? A usual 7/10. It filled a hole and was very nice. Good sauce, nice rice. The forks were quite bendy, maybe we should keep cutlery in the car. :)

42 Lakeside
BN22 7QJ

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kings Chef in Reading

Day two of our little tour.  Spoiled with lovely food at our hosts last night we were looking forward to tonight's offering.  We arrived in Reading very early. Parked up by the venue around 3 hours early and walked to the takeaway. The usual was ordered. It looked fine, but turned out to be the blandest rice ever. The sweet and sour sauce was also a real disappointment. Sigh. Our grade 5/10. The other half has now gone in search of yoghurts for pudding. 
Kings Chef
19  London Road

Friday, September 13, 2013

Memory of China in Ambergate

On the road heading north to York via a birthday party right in the middle of the Peak District. This Chinese was right on the route of our journey and we were starving. The usual order, no soya. The rice looked nice but didn't have a whole lot of content, not really enough peas, but there are never really enough peas. The sweet and sour sauce was ok. He price was food though and it was on our way, so it gets a 7/10. 

Memory of China
1331 Matlock Road 
DE56 2EL

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Jasmine House in Stockport

Another day another meal. We had to hunt around quite hard to find a takeaway and the traffic was very heavy. The sat av dropped us a little distance from the shop, but we found it. The usual order was made. The rice was very ricey and contained pork, ham and peas. The sweet and sour sauce had pineapple in, which is an instant extra point added. The other half practically licked the dish clean. All in all a very satisfying meal, but not the cheapest. So a very decent 8/10 for today. 
The Jasmine House
269a Wellington Road South
0161 476 2005

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tin Tin in Southport

We're on the road again, Southport this time. We tried to find the same chinese takeaway we visited when we were here 18 months ago. We got close and chose Tin Tin. The portions were huge, the forks were good. The sauce was nice. I didn't get close to finishing, just too much. There were no peas but the onion was unexpected and ok. We jointly gave a 7/10 as we stared out at the rain. 

Tin Tin
131a Eastbank Street

Friday, July 19, 2013

Great Wall in Welwyn Garden City

Hello all!
It's a sweltering day out there and we're playing for a ceilidh tonight. They will almost certainly give us food, but because of the others half's allergies we've found a takeaway. It's nice and close to the venue and as usual we're about two hours early. The last Chinese in Cumbria was very nice, so it might be hard to top, we'll definitely not see our poster up here that's for sure!
The usual special fried rice was ordered. The chicken was a little dry, but the sauce was very nice. We had a slight difference in score, I voted for 6 or 7. The other half voted for 7 or 8. So we settled on 7/10. 

72-74 Haldens
Welwyn Garden City

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rainbow in Ulverston

We three are on the road again. We took the long whispering road down to Ulverston. Dinner called and we found a small unassuming looking takeaway and each ordered something different. Yung Chow Rice, Singapore Fried Rice and Chicken and Prawn Stir Fry. The average score ended up at 8/10. The Singapore fried rice was very yellow and had the same smell as my Swedish grandma's cupboard. Not in a bad way, it's just that it always smelled of curry powder. The Yung Chow was nice. The stir fry was bordering on a 9/10. So overall an 8.. The outside of the shop however was indeed worthy of a 10, as was the poster sited inside....
Chinese & Cantonese Cuisine
19 Queen Street
LA12 7AF

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oriental Delight in St. Neots

Evening all!
We're in St. Neots, but you'd have guessed that from the subject! We arrived in plenty of time to sit and enjoy our takeaway meal in peace and quiet. The usual was ordered. The sweet and sour sauce was lovely and viscous and an excellent shade of orange and really rather tastey. The peas were green and he perfect firm consistency. The rice a slight shade of yellow, the pork trimmed with the perfect amount of pink. I was tempted to award a 9, but the other half said that although it was nice, it was a little dull. However this is my blog, so although we agreed an 8, I'm over ruling and giving the meal 9/10. (See how I talked myself into that!) In addition the very generous portions came in at under a tenner. Win win I say. 

Oriental Delight
31 Huntingdon St,
St Neots,

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hong Kong House in Corsham

We made it time to Corsham from our day work in the Victorian era to be able to get food, hurrah. Special fried rice with sweet and sour sauce. Three forks today as we are again three. We were all quite hungry and tucked in with abandon. The meal was quite acceptable, the peas were lush, the sauce was sticky. The rice had soya in it, but at the time of writing no ill effects were being felt. Without the sauce the taste was ok, the free prawn crackers were ok, but not the best ever.  In general a very respectable 7/10. Not a shred of food was left at the end, we suspect the trolls got some of it. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture :( so as recompense (and punishment) I'm  uploading a picture from earlier in the day. :)

Hong Kong House
29 Pickwick Road
SN13 9BQ

Friday, June 21, 2013

Shanghai 30s in Oxford

We're on the road with our midsummer madness tour. Today we're in Oxford with the three piece group. We arrived at he venue which was nice and close to a Chinese restaurant we went to last September. Luckily the other half knew where it was as it was before I started this blog. It's been a rainy old day, but was bright sunshine as we walked to the restaurant. This was good as it didn't open until 6pm and we arrived at 5.30. We went back to the venue, sat in the sun and returned at 6pm. Jung chow rice was ordered today, more expensive than our usual bill, but I guess we are in Oxford. The result? Well a stunning 9/10. (Only not a 10 because we can't really give a 10!) The forks were a wonderful blend of spoon and fork, we were supplied with chopsticks, but as we were both so hungry we made too much of a mess over the table. The peas were succulent and the spring onion added that wonderful piquancy that made for a lovely meal, sat on chairs next to a table in the sun. This is all great as I suspect tomorrow it'll be squeezey cheese on crackers in the car as we dash from Victorian dress to troll slayage as fast as our legs will carry us.....

Shanghai 30's
82 St. Aldgates

Friday, June 14, 2013

Lotus House in Orpington

Our second day in Kent. Orpington tonight. This isn't our first trip to Orpington, but we couldn't remember where we ate before. Our first stop proved fruitless so the other half trundled off down the high street. He returned some time later having eventually found five all opposite each other. The food was ok, we disagreed on the score, so we settled on 8/10. 
We even managed to eat in the car parked outside the venue. Life on the road huh!
Another blog soon.

Lotus House
128 High Street,

Thursday, June 13, 2013

China China in Lyminge

We're on the road in deepest darkest Kent. Although we're playing in Stanford we've driven out to Lyminge for our daily fare. A nice little takeaway/restaurant with two doors. I of course rattled away for a while on the locked door before spotting the one with the welcome sign. The usual meal was ordered, under a tenner, I was quite peckish and ready to eat. The result? 9/10. We both gobbled the food down, it was delicious and the delight lasted until after the gig as we munched the free prawn crackers along the motorway on the way home. All in all a lovely rice on the road moment. 

China China
6 Station Road
CT18 8HP

Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy View in Norwich

Back on the road, we've got a frantic June ahead of us, so frantic we might not have much chance to eat, so we're making the most of the Rice on the Road that we can. It's a glorious hot sunny day, the car is steamy and we're happy bunnies. Rushing around from one gig to another, but hopefully tomorrow will be a friend cooking rice on a camping stove, so probably no entry tomorrow! Back to today though, we pulled up at the place the postcode put us thinking the location was going to be elusive, but looking upwards we found the takeaway peeking down from a raised terrace. A happy view indeed. 
The usual was ordered, yung chow fried rice to avoid any extra sauce being added and a sweet and sour sauce. Two forks and a receipt. The results? It was indeed very, very tasty. The sauce was lovely and sticky and the rice perfectly done, the forks nice and forky, so a great 9/10.  I've posted two pictures, the second one is a request from one of our readers. ;)
Happy bunnies. A new post soon :D 
Happy View
69a Ketts Hill

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hong Kong in Horsham

Back on the road, which means Rice on the Road. Hurrah! Back to the normal special fried rice and sweet and sour sauce. The forks were good. The sauce was quite runny, but used in the right quantity was quite tasty. I ate the lot, which either meant it was good or I was hungry, so the meal got a good 8/10.

Hong Kong takeaway
25 East Street
RH12 1HH

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dragon House in Fishguard

The airmiles are racking up! From the Baltic to the Irish Sea. Stockholm to Fishguard. Luckily there was a takeaway just round the corner from our digs. The Dragon House. Back to the usual order of special fried rice and sweet and sour. The over half splashed out on satay chicken too. We were too hungry to drive to a view so sat in the car park with our slightly bendy forks. He verdict, a normal 7/10. 

Dragon House
Hamilton Street


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nigiri & Maki in Djursholm

Hej hej!
Having left Stony Stratford we hot footed it to the airport and headed on over to Stockholm. A week working with some awesome children in a great school. This meant putting on a concert at the end of the week, so of course this meant Rice on the Road. We were slightly exotic again and headed for the local sushi bar. This seems to be the theme when we do Swedish work. :D
So we all ordered sushi, except for the other half who had red Thai curry. The sushi arrived on a bed of dry ice, I'll try to upload a movie when we finally get back from being on the road. The sushi was very, very tasty. The presentation was fantastic, the curry was superb. The chopsticks were nice and chopsticky. All in all the score had to be a wonderful 10/10. A great end to a great week. 
It's back in the car and off to Wales next...

Nigiri & Maki
Vendev├Ągen 11c
182 69 Djursholm 

Friday, May 17, 2013

First Class Restaurant in Stoney Stratford

We're on the road and eating out. Lovely Stony Stratford. We found a takeaway on the High Street. The other half thought it was excellent, I thought it was ok. Quite tastey. The forks were nice and solid. There were succulent peas. The prawns were lovely. All in all  8/10. A short entry, quite tired today and a night of precious little sleep awaits. Toodle pip. 

First Class Restaurant
52 High Street
Stony Stratford
Milton Keynes
MK11 1AQ

01908 307688

Friday, May 10, 2013

China Dragon in Bognor Regis

From being frozen in London yesterday we're back down in Bognor Regis. Not too flush with time we decide that food is important and we're going to get our food even if we're not early for our sound check. Back to the old usual special fried rice and sweet and sour sauce, one with no soya. The weather was nice, the takeaway shop was nice. A nice day really. We had enough time to buy the food, but not really enough to eat it. But eat it we did. Disappointingly there were no peas. The lack of which downgraded the meal from 9 to 8/10. 

China Dragon
12 Royal Parade
Central Avenue
Bognor Regis
West Sussex
PO21 5AJ

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wasabi in London

Evening all!
Today we played for a corporate event in London, a cut down instrument set so we took the train in. Absolutely ravenous after the gig we do something rather radical for us. We hit a stall at London Liverpool Street Station, Wasabi. I had sushi and the other half ordered sweet chilli chicken. Obviously we would have had special fried rice if it had been on the menu. ;)
Now the sushi was lovely as expected but I really wish I'd chosen the sweet chilli chicken. It was hot, succulent and really, really tastey. Just what you need after an evening keeping the gnomes at bay. 10/10. :D We even got chopsticks, but used a spoon to stop spillage on the train. Back to Chinese tomorrow!
London Liverpool Street station

Thursday, May 2, 2013

China City in Eastwood

Our little tour continues, we've gone north to somewhere near Derby. We've been to this Chinese several times over the years, but not since I started this blog, so it's time to rate the meal this time. Jung Chow Fried rice, one without soya, one with, tub of sweet and sour sauce and two forks.....
Tastey. The rice was done nicely, the sauce was super sticky and lovely. It was in general, perfect for the day. Not too fussy, but quite plain. So a good 8/10 from us both.

China City
76 Nottingham Road
NG16 3NQ
01773 535388

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mayflower in Faversham

We're back south again, briefly, and have driven to Kent. The other half went to fetch the food this evening and although he asked to make sure it had no sauce it turned out dripping with gravy. Although the food was quite nice, with lots of meat and vegetables covered in sauce at the top, it was covered in a sauce that didn't really go with sweet and sour. I did try though and smothered the gravy in my nice red sauce. So the verdict? Well the food was quite nice, but it wasn't really what we wanted. To back to a generous 7/10. We didn't want to down mark the perfectly good food. :)

40 East Street
ME13 8AU
01795 533808

Monday, April 29, 2013

Coltman Chinese in Beverley

We've driven north today up into Yorkshire. It's time for another Chinese Takeaway. The usual order, back to special fried rice and sweet and sour sauce. We also were given samosas, made from rice. It came packaged in a carton you'd expect to find chips and refreshingly the rice wasn't compacted in. The rice was lovely, the other half wasn't so impressed with the meat, but I thought it was fine. The samosas were delicious. The sweet and sour a little runnier than usual, but quite tastey if taken in moderation. He forks were great. All in all we decided on 8/10. Not bad at all.

Coltman Chinese
50 Coltman Ave,
North Humberside
HU17 9DS
01482 862845

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Summer Palace in Hereford

We're on tour, which means lots of blog entries again. Yung Chow Fried Rice was ordered again today. The special fried rice had a sauce and it needs to be dry to avoid allergy things. I hoped it would contain peas, or maybe there are no peas in Yung Chow rice, only a few minutes left to find out...

The rice dish was lovely: peas, meat, sweet and sour all quite lovely. The forks were quite bendy, but that's not a criteria, so the final judgement.... 9/10. :D

Summer Palace
60 Widemarsh Street
01432 278988

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

China Garden in Kings Heath

We're on the road again. Birmingham to be exact. Kings Heath and so here we are at the China Garden. Jung chow fried rice, it has no sauce, which is how we want it. :) sweet and sour sauce, two forks (not too spoony). We're not too far from the venue and after too much coffee this afternoon I'm starving. So I'm hoping for a high score....
It could have been an 8/10 but unfortunately there were no peas so the score went down to 7/10. Peas are that important!

China Garden
296 Vicarage Road
Kings Heath
B14 7NN
0121 444 2023

Friday, March 22, 2013

Peking Garden in Wandsworth

We're back on the road, having been recording for the last few weeks. It's nice to be out, but more snow is on the way and it's still cold. Driving through London isn't fun at the best of times and the other half decided to take us right through the centre, but avoiding the congestion charge. Lots of rapid googling tool us to this takeaway, but the Yell app found us our final destination. The usual was ordered, no soya in the rice already, two forks and a nice warm car to eat in....
The verdict? The meal was not bad at all and we both settled on, you guessed it.... 7/10.

Peking Garden
162 Garratt Lane
SW18 4DA
020 8871 2768

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Paul's Garden in Dartford

Our last rice on the road of this tour. It's been a roller coaster ride, all quite close to home. So we ordered the usual, King prawn fried rice for our third member this time. We've been to this takeaway several times over the years, so we knew where to come straight away.

Today we were in number 3s car with an awesome table in the back, luxury. The team were really rather split over the meal. I thought my rice was a little tired, but the sauce was lovely so a low 7/10. No. 2 thought it was lovely with an 8/10. No. 3 thought his was awesome with a 9/10. I wasn't really sure how to mark it overall, so I'll just leave our individual scores.

No. 3 wanted to add a category, the fork category. He graded his fork wasn't spoony enough, too much prod and not enough scoop.

A nice meal though in lovely company. :)

Paul's Garden
8 East Hill
01322 227338

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jade Palace in Southend

We're in Southend and looking for food. So having been for a pee at Tesco's we find this little takeaway. The usual order was made at a reasonable price. Two special fried rice, one without soya and because we're on tour as a three piece a king prawn fried rice. The special fried rice came out as 8/10. However the king prawn diner decided that he wasn't quite sure about the criteria yet and maybe should choose a more nuancey dish and oh by the way does anyone want to cat sit next week....
In general a nice meal though. We'll be back. :)

Jade Palace
3 Earls Hall Parade
01702 351777

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Mayflower Restaurant in Cheltenham

Folk Festival weekend in Cheltenham. :) we're staying in a great hotel with lots of other folkies, but still we need to eat so we hit google and walk on out to the Mayflower restaurant. We think we ate in here before many years ago. But this time we go for take out. A slight diversion from the norm as they didn't have special fried rice, so it was shredded pork rice with an added satay chicken on skewers and instead of plastic forks we were given chopsticks. I like chopsticks though and as we weren't going to eat in the car we reckoned we'd be ok.
The meal was nice and the lot demolished. We gave an unsurprising, but perfectly good 7/10.

The Mayflower restaurant
32-34 Clarence Street
GL50 3NX
01242 522426

Thursday, February 7, 2013

New World Chinese in Newport

We've travelled west to Wales. There were quite a few places to choose from and this place was only a mile from the venue. It looked like a pretty nice restaurant too. The usual was ordered. I had a nice chat about music with the guy serving me. The for was nice enough and we demolished it quite quickly. We settled on a respectable 7/10.

New World Chinese Restaurant
14 Cardiff Road
NP20 2ED
01633 252666

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

China Town Takeaway in Ringwood

Hello all!
Tonight we've travelled south to Ringwood. A lovely little takeaway, easy to find and good fast service. The special fried rice came without soya anyway, which was great. The sweet and sour sauce was really, really lovely. The dish itself was a really good example of a standard rice dish. We wish that the special fried rice was like this back at home. Ah well. I gave the meal 8/10, but the other half a 7/10. It was the sauce that bumped my score up and normally we'll settle on a score, but not today. Very nice. :D

Chinatown Take Away
01425 471622
44 Southampton Road
BH24 1JD

Monday, February 4, 2013

May Mei in Tonbridge

We're playing in Kent tonight, Tonbridge, and we drove past past the venue and this Chinese before we'd realised we were so close. I was googling as the other half said, there's a Chinese. So, the usual was ordered and delivered into my hands very quickly. A good price at £9.10. The verdict, a nice 8/10. The lot was eaten in a short amount of time. Nice. :)

May Mai Garden Chinese
01732 363828
44 Quarry Hill Road

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jack's Kitchen in Camden

Today finds us in London near Camden. We were heading for a different Chinese, one that came up first in Google, but as we were stuck in traffic we leapt out and ordered from here. The usual order was made. They forgot to give me the sweet and sour sauce, but the food itself was quite respectable. We give this evening 7/10.

Jack's Kitchen
227 Brecknock Road
N19 5AA
020 7482 6636

Monday, January 28, 2013

Gourmet Kitchen in Croydon

Back on the road! Croydon in Surrey this time. The owner greeted us really warmly and the usual order made. A choice of sizes and a good price at under £10. The verdict? It was very plain and certainly filled a spot and we'll go back next time, we're scoring it 6/10.
(Sorry about the rubbish picture!)

Gourmet Kitchen
9 Seldon Road
South Croydon
020 8680 4822

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fortune House in Wells-next-the-Sea

Day two on our tour and we're in north Norfolk. Too a little but of finding to get enough iPhone reception to find this place, but we did. Hurrah. The usual order, both cane through nicely and set about chomping. I might have been hungry but the whole lot disappeared very quickly! Another brilliant 9/10. We'll definitely come here again if we play this end of Norfolk again!

Fortune House Chinese Take Away
16 Northfield Ln, Wells-next-the-Sea
01328 711655

Friday, January 25, 2013

Golden Fish Bar in Saxmundham

It's been a while since my last blog and we're finally on tour again. So in a snowy Saxmundham I've made the usual order. Special fried rice, one with no soya and sweet and sour source. The result? Mine was delicious, so was the other halfs. We both gave the food 9/10. We've been here several times and we'll be back next time too.

Golden Fish Bar
1 South Entrance
IP17 1DG
01728 602210