Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hong Kong House in Corsham

We made it time to Corsham from our day work in the Victorian era to be able to get food, hurrah. Special fried rice with sweet and sour sauce. Three forks today as we are again three. We were all quite hungry and tucked in with abandon. The meal was quite acceptable, the peas were lush, the sauce was sticky. The rice had soya in it, but at the time of writing no ill effects were being felt. Without the sauce the taste was ok, the free prawn crackers were ok, but not the best ever.  In general a very respectable 7/10. Not a shred of food was left at the end, we suspect the trolls got some of it. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture :( so as recompense (and punishment) I'm  uploading a picture from earlier in the day. :)

Hong Kong House
29 Pickwick Road
SN13 9BQ

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