Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kings Chef in Reading

Day two of our little tour.  Spoiled with lovely food at our hosts last night we were looking forward to tonight's offering.  We arrived in Reading very early. Parked up by the venue around 3 hours early and walked to the takeaway. The usual was ordered. It looked fine, but turned out to be the blandest rice ever. The sweet and sour sauce was also a real disappointment. Sigh. Our grade 5/10. The other half has now gone in search of yoghurts for pudding. 
Kings Chef
19  London Road

Friday, September 13, 2013

Memory of China in Ambergate

On the road heading north to York via a birthday party right in the middle of the Peak District. This Chinese was right on the route of our journey and we were starving. The usual order, no soya. The rice looked nice but didn't have a whole lot of content, not really enough peas, but there are never really enough peas. The sweet and sour sauce was ok. He price was food though and it was on our way, so it gets a 7/10. 

Memory of China
1331 Matlock Road 
DE56 2EL

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Jasmine House in Stockport

Another day another meal. We had to hunt around quite hard to find a takeaway and the traffic was very heavy. The sat av dropped us a little distance from the shop, but we found it. The usual order was made. The rice was very ricey and contained pork, ham and peas. The sweet and sour sauce had pineapple in, which is an instant extra point added. The other half practically licked the dish clean. All in all a very satisfying meal, but not the cheapest. So a very decent 8/10 for today. 
The Jasmine House
269a Wellington Road South
0161 476 2005

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tin Tin in Southport

We're on the road again, Southport this time. We tried to find the same chinese takeaway we visited when we were here 18 months ago. We got close and chose Tin Tin. The portions were huge, the forks were good. The sauce was nice. I didn't get close to finishing, just too much. There were no peas but the onion was unexpected and ok. We jointly gave a 7/10 as we stared out at the rain. 

Tin Tin
131a Eastbank Street