Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Joy King in Ivybridge

We were on our way to Lee Mill, but stopped off in Ivy Bridge for this evenings meal. Quite cheap at only £8.50ish, small cartons, but the lack of peas was disturbing. I love peas, maybe there was a choice of peas somewhere else on the menu, but they didn't end up in my meal. :( The rice was nice, but the content on the light side. The sweet and sour sauce runny but nice. All in all 7/10. Cheap and cheerful.
:) Next week we're heading north.

2 King Joy
1 Kimberley Ct/Fore St, Ivybridge, PL21 9AB
Tel:01752 698188

Friday, September 28, 2012

Shanghai in Blandford Forum

Evening all!
Today we're in Dorset in the rural town of Blandford Forum. Although initially heading for a different establishment we squealed to a halt by Shanghai as we drove past. Hurrah for being closer. Today we ordered two Shanghai Rice, one with no soya and a tub of sweet and sour sauce. We're nothing if not predictable! A shade over £10. Starving after a long journey we tucked in! Gourmet meal it wasn't. Large hunks of beef. Very pink sweet and sour. We gave tonight's meal a 6/10. Nothing to write home about, but not nasty. :)

20 East Street
Blandford Forum
01258 458675

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Great Wall in Otley

Today's takeaway is in Otley, same meal as yesterday, 2 x special fried rice one with satay and the other with sweet and sour sauce. £12 on the nose. Quite tasty. Wasn't as hungry as yesterday, so I didn't finish, but it was a large dish. I wish I had finished it though as I managed to tip the remainder of the rice all over my lap. Soon cleared up. :) We'll return to this place too. A not too shabby 9/10 :D

Great Wall Take Away
01943 461176
56 Boroughgate
LS21 1AE

Friday, September 21, 2012

China Moon, Retford. A1

When you're on the road travelling with a fellow traveller with lots of allergies and intolerances it can be hard to find food. So we end up at a lot of Chinese takeaways all over the country.

Today was no different. So on the road north on the A1, we reach Retford. We often stop at this Chinese both northwards and southwards and its always a winner.

Special fried rice with sweet and sour sauce and a second with satay sauce. Prawn crackers. Roughly £12.20. Yum. Finished the lot. :) A great 10/10. :D

Address: Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 0QU, United Kingdom
Phone: 01777 838848