Friday, July 19, 2013

Great Wall in Welwyn Garden City

Hello all!
It's a sweltering day out there and we're playing for a ceilidh tonight. They will almost certainly give us food, but because of the others half's allergies we've found a takeaway. It's nice and close to the venue and as usual we're about two hours early. The last Chinese in Cumbria was very nice, so it might be hard to top, we'll definitely not see our poster up here that's for sure!
The usual special fried rice was ordered. The chicken was a little dry, but the sauce was very nice. We had a slight difference in score, I voted for 6 or 7. The other half voted for 7 or 8. So we settled on 7/10. 

72-74 Haldens
Welwyn Garden City

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rainbow in Ulverston

We three are on the road again. We took the long whispering road down to Ulverston. Dinner called and we found a small unassuming looking takeaway and each ordered something different. Yung Chow Rice, Singapore Fried Rice and Chicken and Prawn Stir Fry. The average score ended up at 8/10. The Singapore fried rice was very yellow and had the same smell as my Swedish grandma's cupboard. Not in a bad way, it's just that it always smelled of curry powder. The Yung Chow was nice. The stir fry was bordering on a 9/10. So overall an 8.. The outside of the shop however was indeed worthy of a 10, as was the poster sited inside....
Chinese & Cantonese Cuisine
19 Queen Street
LA12 7AF

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oriental Delight in St. Neots

Evening all!
We're in St. Neots, but you'd have guessed that from the subject! We arrived in plenty of time to sit and enjoy our takeaway meal in peace and quiet. The usual was ordered. The sweet and sour sauce was lovely and viscous and an excellent shade of orange and really rather tastey. The peas were green and he perfect firm consistency. The rice a slight shade of yellow, the pork trimmed with the perfect amount of pink. I was tempted to award a 9, but the other half said that although it was nice, it was a little dull. However this is my blog, so although we agreed an 8, I'm over ruling and giving the meal 9/10. (See how I talked myself into that!) In addition the very generous portions came in at under a tenner. Win win I say. 

Oriental Delight
31 Huntingdon St,
St Neots,