Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Mayflower Restaurant in Cheltenham

Folk Festival weekend in Cheltenham. :) we're staying in a great hotel with lots of other folkies, but still we need to eat so we hit google and walk on out to the Mayflower restaurant. We think we ate in here before many years ago. But this time we go for take out. A slight diversion from the norm as they didn't have special fried rice, so it was shredded pork rice with an added satay chicken on skewers and instead of plastic forks we were given chopsticks. I like chopsticks though and as we weren't going to eat in the car we reckoned we'd be ok.
The meal was nice and the lot demolished. We gave an unsurprising, but perfectly good 7/10.

The Mayflower restaurant
32-34 Clarence Street
GL50 3NX
01242 522426

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  1. OMG ! So if you didn't eat in the car, where did you eat??? Sounds all terrifyingly unusual and far too far from the norm to feel comfortable.