Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hong Kong House in Corsham

We made it time to Corsham from our day work in the Victorian era to be able to get food, hurrah. Special fried rice with sweet and sour sauce. Three forks today as we are again three. We were all quite hungry and tucked in with abandon. The meal was quite acceptable, the peas were lush, the sauce was sticky. The rice had soya in it, but at the time of writing no ill effects were being felt. Without the sauce the taste was ok, the free prawn crackers were ok, but not the best ever.  In general a very respectable 7/10. Not a shred of food was left at the end, we suspect the trolls got some of it. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture :( so as recompense (and punishment) I'm  uploading a picture from earlier in the day. :)

Hong Kong House
29 Pickwick Road
SN13 9BQ

Friday, June 21, 2013

Shanghai 30s in Oxford

We're on the road with our midsummer madness tour. Today we're in Oxford with the three piece group. We arrived at he venue which was nice and close to a Chinese restaurant we went to last September. Luckily the other half knew where it was as it was before I started this blog. It's been a rainy old day, but was bright sunshine as we walked to the restaurant. This was good as it didn't open until 6pm and we arrived at 5.30. We went back to the venue, sat in the sun and returned at 6pm. Jung chow rice was ordered today, more expensive than our usual bill, but I guess we are in Oxford. The result? Well a stunning 9/10. (Only not a 10 because we can't really give a 10!) The forks were a wonderful blend of spoon and fork, we were supplied with chopsticks, but as we were both so hungry we made too much of a mess over the table. The peas were succulent and the spring onion added that wonderful piquancy that made for a lovely meal, sat on chairs next to a table in the sun. This is all great as I suspect tomorrow it'll be squeezey cheese on crackers in the car as we dash from Victorian dress to troll slayage as fast as our legs will carry us.....

Shanghai 30's
82 St. Aldgates

Friday, June 14, 2013

Lotus House in Orpington

Our second day in Kent. Orpington tonight. This isn't our first trip to Orpington, but we couldn't remember where we ate before. Our first stop proved fruitless so the other half trundled off down the high street. He returned some time later having eventually found five all opposite each other. The food was ok, we disagreed on the score, so we settled on 8/10. 
We even managed to eat in the car parked outside the venue. Life on the road huh!
Another blog soon.

Lotus House
128 High Street,

Thursday, June 13, 2013

China China in Lyminge

We're on the road in deepest darkest Kent. Although we're playing in Stanford we've driven out to Lyminge for our daily fare. A nice little takeaway/restaurant with two doors. I of course rattled away for a while on the locked door before spotting the one with the welcome sign. The usual meal was ordered, under a tenner, I was quite peckish and ready to eat. The result? 9/10. We both gobbled the food down, it was delicious and the delight lasted until after the gig as we munched the free prawn crackers along the motorway on the way home. All in all a lovely rice on the road moment. 

China China
6 Station Road
CT18 8HP

Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy View in Norwich

Back on the road, we've got a frantic June ahead of us, so frantic we might not have much chance to eat, so we're making the most of the Rice on the Road that we can. It's a glorious hot sunny day, the car is steamy and we're happy bunnies. Rushing around from one gig to another, but hopefully tomorrow will be a friend cooking rice on a camping stove, so probably no entry tomorrow! Back to today though, we pulled up at the place the postcode put us thinking the location was going to be elusive, but looking upwards we found the takeaway peeking down from a raised terrace. A happy view indeed. 
The usual was ordered, yung chow fried rice to avoid any extra sauce being added and a sweet and sour sauce. Two forks and a receipt. The results? It was indeed very, very tasty. The sauce was lovely and sticky and the rice perfectly done, the forks nice and forky, so a great 9/10.  I've posted two pictures, the second one is a request from one of our readers. ;)
Happy bunnies. A new post soon :D 
Happy View
69a Ketts Hill

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hong Kong in Horsham

Back on the road, which means Rice on the Road. Hurrah! Back to the normal special fried rice and sweet and sour sauce. The forks were good. The sauce was quite runny, but used in the right quantity was quite tasty. I ate the lot, which either meant it was good or I was hungry, so the meal got a good 8/10.

Hong Kong takeaway
25 East Street
RH12 1HH