Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy View in Norwich

Back on the road, we've got a frantic June ahead of us, so frantic we might not have much chance to eat, so we're making the most of the Rice on the Road that we can. It's a glorious hot sunny day, the car is steamy and we're happy bunnies. Rushing around from one gig to another, but hopefully tomorrow will be a friend cooking rice on a camping stove, so probably no entry tomorrow! Back to today though, we pulled up at the place the postcode put us thinking the location was going to be elusive, but looking upwards we found the takeaway peeking down from a raised terrace. A happy view indeed. 
The usual was ordered, yung chow fried rice to avoid any extra sauce being added and a sweet and sour sauce. Two forks and a receipt. The results? It was indeed very, very tasty. The sauce was lovely and sticky and the rice perfectly done, the forks nice and forky, so a great 9/10.  I've posted two pictures, the second one is a request from one of our readers. ;)
Happy bunnies. A new post soon :D 
Happy View
69a Ketts Hill

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