Friday, October 25, 2013

Hot Food Chinese Takeaway in Okehampton

We're in the middle of our little tour in the south west and in the midst of the pouring rain and wind we found the Chinese. We were starving and full of hope and anticipation. We were a bit disappointed. The rice was gloopy and salty the sauce was gloopy and had to be left. In all we ate as much as we could and then awarded a sorry 5/10. We went back the following day too as it was convenient but it was as sorry as the first time. :( The name of the takeaway was quite accurate though: Hot Food. 

28 West Street

Sunday, October 20, 2013

House Wong in Exeter

We're down south in Exeter. :) Having slain some trolls last night in Cranbourne we're doing the same in Exeter this evening. We're on tour for two weeks so should be able to sample a good few takeaways on our journey. Jeung Fried Rice this evening with the usual no soya in one and sweet and sour sauce in the other. We were both feeling rather peckish having only had carrots and humus with coffee for lunch. Our expectations were high...
The sauce was delicious, exactly as sweet and sour sauce should be. The rice was lovely, the peas great and the forks perfect. Our third member turned up and had his usual King Prawn Rice.  The other two gave 8/10 and I wavered over 9/10 but settled on 8/10.
Sitting outside Exeter railway station was a fun busy place to sit and eat. The whole of human life seemed to pass by. A big preponderance of students, infact mostly students and us. 
<remembers the good old student days>
Ah well time to go and do a gig. 

House Wong
100 Bonhay Road

Friday, October 11, 2013

Ming Kee in Warwick

We're in Warwick ready to play for a ceilidh. Not the usual duo or even trio gig today. We've been to this takeaway many, many times and I can't believe I've never blogged it! Maybe it's because usually I'm togged up in my medieval costume complete with cloak and Robin Hood hat. (They do have a proper name, but I've forgotten it!) So we know we're probably going to give it 8/10. But maybe we'll go higher this time. It was strange ordering the usual meal, but without the usual raised eyebrow at my unusual garb. The food came quickly and was exactly as we expected. Two special fried rice, one made without soya, sweet and sour sauce, two forks and a receipt. No surprises at the food and the score given an unsurprising 8/10. We'll be back again probably next month.

Ming Kee
26 St John's
CV34 4NE

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lucky Boat in Calne

The three of us are on the road for the weekend. So it was off to the nearest takeaway to Compton Basset, which is Calne. We had plenty to choose from and went to the first chinese that was open at 5pm, which also has the least letters attached to its signage ever!! The usual was ordered. It was quite tastey, N wolfed the lot down, the other half was pretty similar. I thought it was quite nice. Tastey chicken, pork, peas. The forks were quite solid, solid enough not to break and pingy enough to ping food by accident.  The sauce at first glance appeared to be excellent but in reality was a bit gloopy. The sauce was disappointedly put to one side. So the verdict was 7/10, only let down by the consistency of the sauce. It was a lovely evening meal and even eaten away from the confines of the car, but not out of sight, just for safety. Another blog soon. 

Lucky Boat
9 Wood Street
SN11 0BZ

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Beijing in Eastbourne

Back on the road. October should be pretty busy with Rice on the Road updates. The satnav took us the most direct route here, so slightly frazzled with working on the computer and driving wiggly roads. We found an open Chinese and made the usual order. The sea front was just about visible from the doorway, but we resisted the temptation to go and take a dip. It's sometimes hard to take a subtle photo and the two gentlemen sitting outside he next shop rendered this one not possible. The verdict? A usual 7/10. It filled a hole and was very nice. Good sauce, nice rice. The forks were quite bendy, maybe we should keep cutlery in the car. :)

42 Lakeside
BN22 7QJ