Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Aroma in Chadwell Heath

It's the start of te Christmas season and we're out on the road for most of the month. Probably not too many entries as we'll be touring from the same place. We're starting our months extravaganza in Chadwell Heath in sunny old Romford. init man. ;)
The traffic was appalling, but it is essentially London. We took a little shortcut off the A12, but had to wait for cars to shuffle around and reverse backwards, vans to bail out over the grass verge and back to the dual carriageway before sitting in the queue again. All good fun though and reminds us why we live in the country. The usual was ordered, two house special fried rice, which didn't contain soy anyway. The takeaway is also a restaurant, with benches and tables. It looks like being a place where people congregate after the pubs kick out. People sitting and eating give me good hope of the food, but I am starving as I sit writing this!
A quick walk back to the car, parked in the pub, opened the huuge containers and tucked in.... Silence in the car.... Munch.... Munch... Munch. 
An amazing 10/10!!! Worth playing this club just for the food! Next time we play here or anywhere near here we'll be back!

62 High Road
Chadwell Heath