Sunday, October 20, 2013

House Wong in Exeter

We're down south in Exeter. :) Having slain some trolls last night in Cranbourne we're doing the same in Exeter this evening. We're on tour for two weeks so should be able to sample a good few takeaways on our journey. Jeung Fried Rice this evening with the usual no soya in one and sweet and sour sauce in the other. We were both feeling rather peckish having only had carrots and humus with coffee for lunch. Our expectations were high...
The sauce was delicious, exactly as sweet and sour sauce should be. The rice was lovely, the peas great and the forks perfect. Our third member turned up and had his usual King Prawn Rice.  The other two gave 8/10 and I wavered over 9/10 but settled on 8/10.
Sitting outside Exeter railway station was a fun busy place to sit and eat. The whole of human life seemed to pass by. A big preponderance of students, infact mostly students and us. 
<remembers the good old student days>
Ah well time to go and do a gig. 

House Wong
100 Bonhay Road

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  1. Photos. I want photos. Otherwise how do we know you're not making it all up??? Proof. Give us proooooorrf! (Please).