Friday, June 21, 2013

Shanghai 30s in Oxford

We're on the road with our midsummer madness tour. Today we're in Oxford with the three piece group. We arrived at he venue which was nice and close to a Chinese restaurant we went to last September. Luckily the other half knew where it was as it was before I started this blog. It's been a rainy old day, but was bright sunshine as we walked to the restaurant. This was good as it didn't open until 6pm and we arrived at 5.30. We went back to the venue, sat in the sun and returned at 6pm. Jung chow rice was ordered today, more expensive than our usual bill, but I guess we are in Oxford. The result? Well a stunning 9/10. (Only not a 10 because we can't really give a 10!) The forks were a wonderful blend of spoon and fork, we were supplied with chopsticks, but as we were both so hungry we made too much of a mess over the table. The peas were succulent and the spring onion added that wonderful piquancy that made for a lovely meal, sat on chairs next to a table in the sun. This is all great as I suspect tomorrow it'll be squeezey cheese on crackers in the car as we dash from Victorian dress to troll slayage as fast as our legs will carry us.....

Shanghai 30's
82 St. Aldgates

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