Friday, October 11, 2013

Ming Kee in Warwick

We're in Warwick ready to play for a ceilidh. Not the usual duo or even trio gig today. We've been to this takeaway many, many times and I can't believe I've never blogged it! Maybe it's because usually I'm togged up in my medieval costume complete with cloak and Robin Hood hat. (They do have a proper name, but I've forgotten it!) So we know we're probably going to give it 8/10. But maybe we'll go higher this time. It was strange ordering the usual meal, but without the usual raised eyebrow at my unusual garb. The food came quickly and was exactly as we expected. Two special fried rice, one made without soya, sweet and sour sauce, two forks and a receipt. No surprises at the food and the score given an unsurprising 8/10. We'll be back again probably next month.

Ming Kee
26 St John's
CV34 4NE

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