Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dragon House in Fishguard

The airmiles are racking up! From the Baltic to the Irish Sea. Stockholm to Fishguard. Luckily there was a takeaway just round the corner from our digs. The Dragon House. Back to the usual order of special fried rice and sweet and sour. The over half splashed out on satay chicken too. We were too hungry to drive to a view so sat in the car park with our slightly bendy forks. He verdict, a normal 7/10. 

Dragon House
Hamilton Street


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nigiri & Maki in Djursholm

Hej hej!
Having left Stony Stratford we hot footed it to the airport and headed on over to Stockholm. A week working with some awesome children in a great school. This meant putting on a concert at the end of the week, so of course this meant Rice on the Road. We were slightly exotic again and headed for the local sushi bar. This seems to be the theme when we do Swedish work. :D
So we all ordered sushi, except for the other half who had red Thai curry. The sushi arrived on a bed of dry ice, I'll try to upload a movie when we finally get back from being on the road. The sushi was very, very tasty. The presentation was fantastic, the curry was superb. The chopsticks were nice and chopsticky. All in all the score had to be a wonderful 10/10. A great end to a great week. 
It's back in the car and off to Wales next...

Nigiri & Maki
Vendev├Ągen 11c
182 69 Djursholm 

Friday, May 17, 2013

First Class Restaurant in Stoney Stratford

We're on the road and eating out. Lovely Stony Stratford. We found a takeaway on the High Street. The other half thought it was excellent, I thought it was ok. Quite tastey. The forks were nice and solid. There were succulent peas. The prawns were lovely. All in all  8/10. A short entry, quite tired today and a night of precious little sleep awaits. Toodle pip. 

First Class Restaurant
52 High Street
Stony Stratford
Milton Keynes
MK11 1AQ

01908 307688

Friday, May 10, 2013

China Dragon in Bognor Regis

From being frozen in London yesterday we're back down in Bognor Regis. Not too flush with time we decide that food is important and we're going to get our food even if we're not early for our sound check. Back to the old usual special fried rice and sweet and sour sauce, one with no soya. The weather was nice, the takeaway shop was nice. A nice day really. We had enough time to buy the food, but not really enough to eat it. But eat it we did. Disappointingly there were no peas. The lack of which downgraded the meal from 9 to 8/10. 

China Dragon
12 Royal Parade
Central Avenue
Bognor Regis
West Sussex
PO21 5AJ

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wasabi in London

Evening all!
Today we played for a corporate event in London, a cut down instrument set so we took the train in. Absolutely ravenous after the gig we do something rather radical for us. We hit a stall at London Liverpool Street Station, Wasabi. I had sushi and the other half ordered sweet chilli chicken. Obviously we would have had special fried rice if it had been on the menu. ;)
Now the sushi was lovely as expected but I really wish I'd chosen the sweet chilli chicken. It was hot, succulent and really, really tastey. Just what you need after an evening keeping the gnomes at bay. 10/10. :D We even got chopsticks, but used a spoon to stop spillage on the train. Back to Chinese tomorrow!
London Liverpool Street station

Thursday, May 2, 2013

China City in Eastwood

Our little tour continues, we've gone north to somewhere near Derby. We've been to this Chinese several times over the years, but not since I started this blog, so it's time to rate the meal this time. Jung Chow Fried rice, one without soya, one with, tub of sweet and sour sauce and two forks.....
Tastey. The rice was done nicely, the sauce was super sticky and lovely. It was in general, perfect for the day. Not too fussy, but quite plain. So a good 8/10 from us both.

China City
76 Nottingham Road
NG16 3NQ
01773 535388

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mayflower in Faversham

We're back south again, briefly, and have driven to Kent. The other half went to fetch the food this evening and although he asked to make sure it had no sauce it turned out dripping with gravy. Although the food was quite nice, with lots of meat and vegetables covered in sauce at the top, it was covered in a sauce that didn't really go with sweet and sour. I did try though and smothered the gravy in my nice red sauce. So the verdict? Well the food was quite nice, but it wasn't really what we wanted. To back to a generous 7/10. We didn't want to down mark the perfectly good food. :)

40 East Street
ME13 8AU
01795 533808