Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lucky Boat in Calne

The three of us are on the road for the weekend. So it was off to the nearest takeaway to Compton Basset, which is Calne. We had plenty to choose from and went to the first chinese that was open at 5pm, which also has the least letters attached to its signage ever!! The usual was ordered. It was quite tastey, N wolfed the lot down, the other half was pretty similar. I thought it was quite nice. Tastey chicken, pork, peas. The forks were quite solid, solid enough not to break and pingy enough to ping food by accident.  The sauce at first glance appeared to be excellent but in reality was a bit gloopy. The sauce was disappointedly put to one side. So the verdict was 7/10, only let down by the consistency of the sauce. It was a lovely evening meal and even eaten away from the confines of the car, but not out of sight, just for safety. Another blog soon. 

Lucky Boat
9 Wood Street
SN11 0BZ

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