Friday, April 29, 2016

The One in Oxford

IHello all!
We are in the student metropolis that is Oxford. :) Having found our way to the venue we faffed around on Google for a while and realised that most of the takeaways were behind us. We missed our usual place and in the nick of time managed to find the website of this wonderful little place near the station. It's a restaurant and bar and had the largest collection of whiskeys behind the bar I have ever seen. I couldn't sample Amy of them as we're playing tonight, but they looked very, very impressive!
I ordered Yang Chow Fried Rice and hope I did the right thing. It's not always good to deviate from our norm, especially as the effect from the peppers from the other night are still being felt. As an establishment though I loved the atmosphere and wish we could have spent more time in the bar. Already I want to award 10/10, but it's the food that counts... So the result? Well, it was superb. The beef was tasty, the sauce was delicious, the prawns were succulent. But, there weren't any peas. So we awarded a great 9/10. I like peas that much. :) We need to get another gig in Oxford so we can come back and try another rice dish. It was very, very nice.

The One
2 Botley Road
OX2 0AB 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Jade Garden in Talbot Green

Hello all!
As usual, we're on the road and looking for food. Last night we ate dinner with a friend on the road and unfortunately it had peppers in it, so the other half has been struggling a bit. So it was nice that this special fried rice came with no soya. It was a good price, had lots of lovely peas. The sauce was very nice. In fact the whole thing was very nice indeed. The only problem was that I had eaten too much for lunch too late in the day and wasn't very hungry. I awarded a very fine 8/10.
Jade Garden
27 Talbot Road 
Talbot Green

Monday, April 18, 2016

May Mei Garden in Tonbridge

Hello all!
On the road, as you probably guessed or I wouldn't be posting! We're in Kent today and have arrived nice and early so we can tuck into our usual dinner. We've ordered the usual, special fried rice, a tub of sweet and sour sauce, two forks and a receipt. No soy sauce in one, In May Mei they don't use soy sauce for the special fried rice, so that is a definite plus point for us. This is our second trip to this Chinese, the venue was pretty much next door last time, but it's moved. We still had to drive straight past it though. We have this dinner  8/10 last time, which is a definite we'll return score, so here we are. What will we give it this time?
I wolfed the dish down. The sweet and sour sauce was perfect, gloopy, sweet, perfect. I'm raising the score to 9/10.
May Mai Garden Chinese
01732 363828
44 Quarry Hill Road

Monday, April 11, 2016

International Chinese in Chesham

We're on the road and it's dinner time! I'm starving and the other half has gone off to fetch our usual takeaway. A fairly short journey here today, made longer by a 40 minute round trip back home to fetch a nyckelharpa for a student. Remembered just in the nick of time that I had to take it with me! What's a nyckelharpa I hear you say? Visit one of my other blogs to find out,
We've been to this Chinese before, so I should see if we've blogged it before!
So the result? It was delicious and we both ate the lot. Prawn crackers were included and it was a good price. 9/10.

International Chinese Takeaway
7 White Hill,