Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Paul's Garden in Dartford

Our last rice on the road of this tour. It's been a roller coaster ride, all quite close to home. So we ordered the usual, King prawn fried rice for our third member this time. We've been to this takeaway several times over the years, so we knew where to come straight away.

Today we were in number 3s car with an awesome table in the back, luxury. The team were really rather split over the meal. I thought my rice was a little tired, but the sauce was lovely so a low 7/10. No. 2 thought it was lovely with an 8/10. No. 3 thought his was awesome with a 9/10. I wasn't really sure how to mark it overall, so I'll just leave our individual scores.

No. 3 wanted to add a category, the fork category. He graded his fork wasn't spoony enough, too much prod and not enough scoop.

A nice meal though in lovely company. :)

Paul's Garden
8 East Hill
01322 227338

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