Wednesday, March 11, 2015

East Ocean Peking & Cantonese in Kirkham

We're on day five of a little five day tour and are now up in Kirkham near Preston. It rained all day and has been thoroughly miserable. After yesterday's glorious weather it was very wet and damp. We had aimed for a different takeaway just down the road, but it was due for some reason. In this place the special fried rice dishes were all with a sauce, so today's dish of choice is Young chow fried rice, one without soya, two forks and a receipt.
Having eaten too much bad on the road food at lunch and being a bit thirsty we were both not expecting the same wondrous meal as yesterday....
The result?
The meal itself was very nice. Good sauce, forks that were nice and robust (for scooping up rice anyway). It did the job and filled us up very nicely. So the score is a nice enough 8/10.

89 Poulton Street

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