Thursday, April 9, 2015

Jun Ming Xuan in Colindale

Today we're in London. Colindale near Edgeware. We left home quite early to make sure we didn't have any problems on the M25. So of course we got to the venue really early. This meant we could find a very nice Chinese takeaway. We drove past a restaurant on the way in, so we headed back to it. As a restaurant it had some parking out the front and the food was put carefully into the little plastic tubs instead of rammed and tamped down. The usual special fried rice was ordered. The sweet and sour sauce was the perfect mix of tasty and not too runny. It was the perfect compliment to the rice, which had gorgeous prawns, succulent peas and a light garnishing of spring onion. I wasn't especially hungry, but I polished the lot off, it was that nice. We settled on a very good 9/10. I would have been tempted by a 10/10, but Jonny wasn't quite as effusive. This is a restaurant we'll definitely keep the postcode for! As a bonus there was a tesco express close by, so we could have a pudding of yoghurt. Yum.
And now, off to the gig.
Jun Ming Xuan
28 Heritage Avenue
Beaufort Park,
London NW9 5GE


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