Friday, April 29, 2016

The One in Oxford

IHello all!
We are in the student metropolis that is Oxford. :) Having found our way to the venue we faffed around on Google for a while and realised that most of the takeaways were behind us. We missed our usual place and in the nick of time managed to find the website of this wonderful little place near the station. It's a restaurant and bar and had the largest collection of whiskeys behind the bar I have ever seen. I couldn't sample Amy of them as we're playing tonight, but they looked very, very impressive!
I ordered Yang Chow Fried Rice and hope I did the right thing. It's not always good to deviate from our norm, especially as the effect from the peppers from the other night are still being felt. As an establishment though I loved the atmosphere and wish we could have spent more time in the bar. Already I want to award 10/10, but it's the food that counts... So the result? Well, it was superb. The beef was tasty, the sauce was delicious, the prawns were succulent. But, there weren't any peas. So we awarded a great 9/10. I like peas that much. :) We need to get another gig in Oxford so we can come back and try another rice dish. It was very, very nice.

The One
2 Botley Road
OX2 0AB 

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