Monday, April 18, 2016

May Mei Garden in Tonbridge

Hello all!
On the road, as you probably guessed or I wouldn't be posting! We're in Kent today and have arrived nice and early so we can tuck into our usual dinner. We've ordered the usual, special fried rice, a tub of sweet and sour sauce, two forks and a receipt. No soy sauce in one, In May Mei they don't use soy sauce for the special fried rice, so that is a definite plus point for us. This is our second trip to this Chinese, the venue was pretty much next door last time, but it's moved. We still had to drive straight past it though. We have this dinner  8/10 last time, which is a definite we'll return score, so here we are. What will we give it this time?
I wolfed the dish down. The sweet and sour sauce was perfect, gloopy, sweet, perfect. I'm raising the score to 9/10.
May Mai Garden Chinese
01732 363828
44 Quarry Hill Road

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