Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Chop chip in Liverpool

We're back on the road. :) Tonight we're playing in Liverpool, so we entered our usual search criteria into Google. The closest takeaway seemed to be Chop Chop. We drove straight past it and missed the tiny little shop. But having got out of the car we found the smallest takeaway. I stood there looking at the menu on the wall, it didn't look very familiar, we had navigated ourselves to a Korean takeaway. I managed to figure out what was closest to special fried rice. This ended up being plain rice with mixed salad and beef on the top with a separate chili sauce. 
The result? It was really really lovely. A wonderful refreshing bowl of rice with very tasty beef. The chili sauce was quite strong and added a nice kick to the rice.
My score? 9/10
52 Fenwick Street
L2 7NB 

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