Monday, February 22, 2016

Millennium Wok in Warwick

We're in Warwick for the folk club this evening. We tried all three of our usual takeaways and all three were shut. So we decided to head on down to Tesco and make sandwiches. Low and behold there was a fourth Chinese takeaway and it was open. Hurrah!!

We do like to grab a takeaway. With Jonny's allergies it can be difficult on the road, so this is the best way forward - rice. It's quite surprising how few pubs do rice, it's all chips and tomatoes, neither of which are good. So it is rather a little ritual of finding a Chinese takeaway. You've probably gathered this by now from this blog. So I sit waiting and typing away on my phone wondering what we're going to grade the takeaway. What will it be today? Will this be our next takeaway of choice next time we're here?
The conclusion? Perfectly serviceable with a score of 6/10. We were so happy it was open and was very nice.

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